After switching from Linux to Mac, one of the inconvenient things is the maximizing of windows: most of the applications don't go the really "maximizing" way when you click the "maximizing" button.

That is why I really love the little utility named "Cinch": it gives you the power to make a window fill the whole screen when you try your best to drag it to the top edge; moreover, you can do the similar things to the right and left directions. You know what I am talking about, right? Some say "Cinch Brings Windows 7's Aero Snap to the Mac", I don't know, I haven't used Windows 7 that much yet.

But this is not what I am gonna talk about here. My problem is after I had used Cinch for a while, and one day, it started not to work properly: when I try to drag windows to the top edge, the window part would have a piece of shadow as well as the Cinch's dotted box. What is worse is, the windows won't restore to their original size after I drag them back, which used to be the most lovely part I think of Cinch.

This drove me crazy. First, I thought it was because of certain applications I installed recently, so I started to remove them one by one, but as you might know, I did this in vain. I almost give up on this problem.

And it was just yesterday, I suddenly realized that maybe it is because of the BetterTouchTool. Yeah, it is a tool for you to enhance the functions of your TouchPad (if you have it) or Magic Mouse in Mac. Since it has been updating in a high pace, there must be some certain function added which would be the cause of this conflict.

After a simple seeking, ha, I found the exact causing part in BetterTouchTool's preferences: step into the "Predefinedactions" tab, here it is:

just uncheck them all, then the control will be returned to your Cinch.

Now I am playing with my Cinch and feeling that the beautiful world is back. If you are having the same problem, hope this help. :)


  1. Anthony said...

    you should ditch cinch all together (unless you paid for it) as bettertouchtools supports the 'windows snapping' feature as well. And unlike cinch you can even customise it's appearance. Fancy a blue preview or faster animation? It's all possible in bettertouchtools!  


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