I am a big fan of nice music.
Like other music fans, I have a considerable amount of music files stored in my Ubuntu.
But I just found the nice music preview function in Nautilus today. How could this happen?
OK, this is it:

  • within one of your folders which are full of music files, hover your mouse on a music file, and there will be a music symbol appear at the same time (like the image above);
  • don't rush to move your mouse away, hold for a about several seconds, then the music starts to play automatically!
  • whenever you move away the mouse from the file, the playing will stop.
Isn't it magic?
Especially in my music share folder under Dropbox, I can listen to the newly downloaded ones like this. It is so convenient, isn't it?
I point to the file, and order, 'sing for me', it goes. Ha ha!!
If you didn't know this before like me, enjoy it!

And, it doesn't need extra softwares but at least you have to possess the necessary corresponding audio decoder in your system, I think.



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